Quality Management System


We Know Quality-Your requirement is our Goal!

DEM Controls Limited is supported by its professional and competent work force. All employees have been passed through a series of valid, proper, high quality training and assessment. This condition will ensure all of them perform tasks with the best possible output.

DEM Controls Limited possesses a strong engineering support with reliable and professional team as enabler not only to produce an efficient planning and operational system design, but also to deliver an optimum output.

DEM Controls Limited deploys the latest and best technology implementation of tools and equipment, coupled with a highly competent maintenance team with integrated and structured maintenance program which ensure a continuous and reliable operation.

DEM Controls Limited also ensures an environmentally friendly, caring, and safety-oriented working condition which aid maximum productivity and performance.

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This QMS focus captures:

  • Strategic extension with adept action plans
  • Keen awareness woven around clients’ missions
  • Swift attention to details with regards to meeting clients’ requirements and standard specifications.
  • Retooling & exposure of workforce to latest global best practice to enhance performance
  • Evaluation and assessment of delivery to mark key performance indicators
  • Customer feedback loops to deepen knowledge and improve performances

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